My 2 year old Rocks!

I had too much fun taking this photograph and playing with it in Photoshop! I just had to share it. This is my 2 year old rocking out on his daddy’s drum set. He thought he was so cool with is binky and sunglasses. Maybe someday he’ll be as good at the drums as his dad. But for now, I’m just happy he stayed in one place long enough for me to take his picture. Rock on!


Recent Session

I have to show you one of my favorite photographs from a recent session. I had so much fun photographing this newborn. Don’t you just feel like this somedays?

 Baby Hannah

Pre – Hiatus Special!

I realize this is a funny time for me to start up my blog, since I am 7 months pregnant and planning on going on hiatus soon. I just had to see what blogging was all about. Also, my extremely nice brother told me he would set up a blog for me for my birthday. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity! But here is the good news. Since I am going on hiatus starting in October I thought I would a do a pre-hiatus special. I am offering

 30% off of the session fee

 So session fees will be only $52.50 for a child sitting (originally $75)

and $87.50 for a family sitting (originally $125.00)

from now until October 1st.

Better make your appointment now! I don’t know how long I will be on hiatus after I have my baby so be sure to take advantage of this special offer. Call me to set up an appointment at 480-510-3963.


Hello world!

Here is my first attemt at blogging. I felt like I was the only one without a blog so I decided to join in on the blogging fun! Wish me luck on figuring out all this new blogging techinical stuff.