Girly, Girly, Girly

Talk about cute girls. It was so much fun to photograph these darling little girls. They all had such different personalities. The oldest one was so into getting her picture taken. She would make a great model. The middle one wasn’t sure what she thought of me and my camera. She sure did like the squeakernoise I would make to get her attention though. And the youngest, I think she is 5 months old, was such a happy little one. She was so easy going and carefree. Since I have all boys it was fun for me to experience the girl’s side of things. 







Two New Classes

I am so pleased and excited to announce two new classes!

The first one is my Photography Workshop; How to shoot Your Kids and Get Away with it. Yes, I am doing another one. I just keep getting people asking me to do more. This will be my last one before it gets too hot. It will be on April 18th from 4:00 to 7:00pm . To sign up and to learn more  click HERE.

I am really excited about my second class. It is a photography class for kids! Just in time for the summer. It will be for kids 10 and up. It will be a two week course held on July 6-17th. The class will be at my house in Mesa, AZ and it will be on Mondays and Thursday from 3:00- 4:30pm. It will be so much fun! I will even give the kids some time to shoot in my studio! At the end of the course there will be an art show displaying some of their images. To sign up and to learn more about this course click HERE.

Space is limited for both of these classes so make sure you sign up now!

A Beautiful Bride

Here is a sneak peek of a bridal session I did on Friday. I don’t usually do weddings, so a bridal session is a real treat for me. I had so much fun with this dream bridal shoot. She was such a fun and easy going bride.  And I am in love with this fabulous new location that gave us so many different looks.  Here are a few of my favorites.