The Salle Family

Here is a sneak peek at the cutest little family session I did the other day. The little girl was very shy, but adorable. She really didn’t want anything to do with me or the camera but I managed to get a couple of cute ones anyway. The mother is due sometime next month with another little girl. I just loved the way the little girl pretended like her mother’s belly button was a window to see her baby sister. Too cute!


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How to Shoot Your Family & Friends and Get Away With It – my new eBook!

Finally,an eBook

that shows you how to use your

left and right brain

to combine the

technical and creative side

to digital photography.






Have you ever wanted to take outstanding photographs of your friends and loved ones but always thought digital photography was too complicated? Are there too many buttons on your camera that you don’t know what they do? This new ebook, “How to shoot your family and friends and get away with it.” Will help you to improve your photography. It simplifies all the technical mumbo jumbo and makes it easy to understand. This is a great book for beginners and amateurs young or old. It will show you how to blend the technical and creative side of photography in an easy and fun way. If you have ever wanted to take my workshop but didn’t have the time or money, this book is for you. It’s basically my workshop in eBook form.


 Things that are included in this book:


1.    10 assignments to reinforce learning and to help get better acquainted with your camera.


2.     Lots of images and charts to help you visually understand each concept.


3.    6 tips to help you become more creative


4.    and much, much more


This book is a must for anyone that wants to unleash their creative side. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get this fabulous eBook … Get it today!




Buy this eBook today and you will receive an a special report “Building Self-Esteem In Your Child with Photographs, a $27 value.


Bonus 2


A video clip demonstrating how to work with lighting will also be included with the eBook. 





Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What kind of camera is best for this eBook?

A: Any digital point and shoot or digital SLR camera will work. Just remember that every camera is different so it’s nice to have your manual handy to refer back to if you need to.


Q: My child is very interested in photography. How old do you need to be to enjoy and understand this eBook?

A: This book is good for kids as young as 9 or 10. If they know how to switch the settings on the camera and upload photos to the computer they will be able to appreciate this book.


Q: Do you offer any additional workshops or classes?

A: Occasionally I will hold a workshop at my studio. But, I offer private classes on photography and Photoshop. Check my blog or email me for more information.