Art Show

I have been teaching a group of 7-12 year old students an online photography course. They are all so talented and have such a great eye for photography. We are half way through our course and I want to show off how beautiful their images are. Hope you enjoy our online art show!


Hannah Whiting

Tabitha Howard

Hannah Preston – I think the ice looks cool because the sun is shining at it. It makes it wonderful.

Kerisa Boden – One of my favorite pictures I have taken in this class was with my little sister holding a camera. I decided to try to take a similar picture, but make it better. This was my favorite photo because I liked all the clarity of the picture and that it showed her happy face.

Lilly Tippets – I picked this picture because it’s pretty and I like the doll and the background.

Regan Abbott – I chose this photo because the background looks nice.

Alayna Zenger – It was so hard to choose between two pictures I took.I It was hard because the two pictures were sooooooooooooo cute, and I love every picture of any kind of animal. I thought it was hard trying to get animals, but my pictures turned out great.

Ammon Borden – My favorite subject is my family, so I got us all together and my mom made the cards to say “Family” and we tried a function on my camera we haven’t used before – the timer.




Claire Raymond

Coy Christensen – This is my favorite because it looks like a silhouette. I think that looks really cool.

Ellie Napoli – I like taking pictures of my cat, Fluffy. This is a picture of her after a bad snowstorm

Eva Thimmes – I picked this picture because its pretty.

Hannah Harvey – I chose this picture because it’s my stuffed animal family and I felt like it showed the love the family has. I liked the lighting on that picture and the angle. I did close up so you could really see the faces

Joanna Hinton – I liked how the kitties are pretty and easy to take pictures of and I can have fun with taking pictures of the kitties.

Laureana Lazarte – I chose to take a picture of a ballet costume and pointe shoes because I love ballet. I really want to dance on pointe someday. I loved this picture the best because of the lighting coming in from the side and how close up it was to the shoes with the costume in the background. I love how the colors all came together with the pinks and oranges

LoriAnne McCourt – These are my brothers

Lyvia Zenger – I liked my main subject, animals are always fun to take pictures of.

Nyah Richards – I chose this picture because I like the lighting, background, and it’s of me and a favorite stuffed animal.

Vanessa Kirkpatrick – these are some of my favorite stuffed animals. : )

Ciara Abbott


Sarah Cameron





Tristen Harvey – I liked this one the best because it has the most colors and it has a lot of the barbies showing. I chose to take a picture of my barbies because they are my favorite toys and I got the cruise ship for Christmas.

Sophia Thimmes – I chose this photo because I really like the vivid colors.

Sarah Oldroyd

Sarah Nelson – I like it because it is frosty and beautiful.


Ahrana Hyde – I loved this photo its cute and sweet.