Learn Photography this Summer!

Learn photography this Summer!

The school year is coming to an end, and we all want something fun to do this summer. So, I thought I would share my photography classes and eBook with you at a LOW LOW LOW end of school sale! This sale is only going to last until the end of May so act fast and get your online photography class and eBook now!

Photography Class for kids 7-11 (good for kids with a point and shoot digital camera)

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Normally $35.00
Summer special $25.00




How to Shoot your Family and Friends… (online photography class for DSLR beginners of all ages)

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Normally $55.00
Summer special $37.00



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Normally $27.00
Summer Special $14.99

End of the year Art Show

These are images from the homeschool photography class I’m teaching online at My Tech High. These students are 7-12 years old. And they are SO talented! I’m so proud of all of them! It’s been a fun year teaching them and I’m sad it’s coming to an end.

Eva Thimmes – ” I like this picture because it is a beautiful color. I also like the lighting and how the object takes up the whole picture.”

Tristen Harvey -“I liked this picture the best because he’s cute and he’s close up and I love his lip. My favorite subject to take pictures of is babies because I love kids so much.”

Sophia Thimmes

Sarah Cameron

Lyvia Zenger – “I took these pictures at the temple. “

Layna Jacobson – “it was fun to experiment with the shadows.”

Laureana Lazarte – “I took a picture of ballet stuff because I love ballet. I liked this picture the best because the wind was blowing the costume and shoes and it looked cool.”

Joanna Hinton – “This is funny!”

Hannah Whiting – “I chose these pictures because they’re cute. I to take like face pictures.:)”

Hannah Harvey – “I took pictures of kids jumping on the trampoline because I love imagining that I can fly. I picked this picture because it looks like he’s flying and I love the shadow under. It reminded me of Peter Pan.”

Ahrana Hyde – “This was taken in my backyard this is my beautiful liluck bush”

Alayna Zenger – “I took these pictures at the temple. “

Ammon Borden – “I tried taking pictures at different places, but this one in the backyard was my favorite.”

Coy Christensen – ” This is my favorite because it blurs the background.”

Ellie Napoli