Baby Blake

This boy is such a lucky boy. He was adopted by the sweetest family ever. It was such a treat for me to photograph such a mellow baby with mellow parents to match. I couldn’t have ask for a better session! I swear baby Blake looks like his older brother too. It’s like this family was just ment to be. 


038 b&w

063 copy

099 b&w


Baby Lucy

Lucy was such a precious little angel to photograph, even though she peed on her mom three times. She totally worked it for the camera. She was asleep at the right time and awake for the shots I wanted her to be awake. She was perfect for me. Now, her mother might have another story for you as she left  totally drenched. She was definitely a good sport. Lucy, your mother gets the mother of the year award. The things mother’s do for their babies! Here are some of my favorites images of Lucy!








Thanks for all the Babies!

 I have had such a great response to my last post! I have photographed or have appointments to photograph all the newborns I need.  I am so grateful to all the mother’s that have let me “barrow” their babies. I can’t wait to get all these precious images printed and displayed. Here are a couple of the newborns I photographed this weekend. This is why newborns are my absolute favorite subject to photograph! They are just simply adorable.