The Best Online Photography Workshop Ever!

I am proud to announce my new online photography workshop! I had a lot of fun making this and you will have a lot of fun taking this workshop!

If you ever wanted to learn what all those buttons on your camera do, or wanted to learn how to take better pictures of your son at his soccer game, or just wanted to get better at photography in general, then this the class is for you. It’s a six week online course with six assignments designed for you to go at your own pace. You will never be afraid of your DSLR or manual mode again!


To learn more about his class click here!

Since this class is so new and I am feeling very generous, I am offering this workshop at a very special, very low price! But this offer is only good for this week. So take advantage and sign up today and don’t miss out. Even if you can’t start this course for another month you can still get it today and start when you can. There’s no excuse!  Get it now and start taking fabulous photos!

Sneak Peek for the Kelsey Family


 I really enjoyed photographing this family, even in the heat. You can see why just by looking at these people … they are all stunning!!! Such a cute family.  The littlest one fell alseep on the way over and she was even so cooperative and willing to do pretty much anything I asked. (my four year old would never have allowed me to photograph him after he just woke up!) I think I will set my four year old boy up with their three year old girl someday. Moms can do that, right?