Online Art Show – Digital Photography 2019

I teach online photography classes at My Tech High and Tech Trep Academy.  This online art show is showcasing my older photography class I teach. These students range from 11-18 years old. I loved watching how they progressed throughout the year. I hope they enjoyed taking my class as much as I enjoyed teaching it. We got some really really great submissions and It was almost impossible to choose a winner.

first place






First Place:

Microsoft Word - Ashford.docx

honerable mention

3 Honorable Mentions (oops I mean four, it was just too hard! I seriously I wanted to pick 15!):

mary Sydney

Maleah Hannah

Everyone else did amazing too! It was so so so hard to choose. I am so proud of all of you!  Seriously, I am jumping up and down at how amazing all my students are!!!

Teigen Sarah Rachel Penelope Nathan Monice Melia McKlaine Makenna Makayla Lynzie Lia Lenora Katie J Katie Haley Grace Gilbert Evan Esther Ella Elise Dallon Chloe Cara Anilyn Alynne Aislinn Adelia