Online Art Show – Digital Photography Foundations 2019

I teach on online photography class at My Tech High and Tech Trep Academy. Teaching young kids photography is one of my passions. I love to see how much they progress and how creative they can be. At the end of every year we have an online art show for them to showcase their best image. I am so proud of my students this year! This online art show is showcasing my younger class, They are 5-13 years old and they amaze me. They’ve really done a great job. I loved seeing their work but I had the hardest time picking a winner.

first place




First place winner:





honerable mention



3 Honorable Mentions:



Akira Please don’t feel bad if I
didn’t pick your photo. It was sooooooo hard to choose. Everyone really did a great job. I am so proud of all you.  Vanessa Alison Aliyah Ana Andrew



Aspen Aubrey
Brinleigh Brynnlee Celeste Daisy DSC_0246 Elayna Ella Ella J Ellie Ellison Emee Eric Eve Faith Grace Hannah Harlee Jaden Jaynie Jessica Julia Kierra Lilly Lily Lucas Madeline Melissa Miranda Naomi Noelle Olive Phoenix Rayne Rebekah Rykr Scarlett Scout Sonora Tabitha